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💁Classic full set Eyelash extension_  1

Classic full set


Classic sets are the basic Eyelash Extension Application service. 1 synthetic Eyelash Extension is applied to each natural lash to extend your natural lashes by a length of your choice. Popular for first time clients and clients who want a natural everyday look.A few things to note before your appointment:Please do not wear any eye makeup, especially mascara as it will require cleaning and will affect the adhesion of the eyelash extensions.


Russian Volume Full set


Russian Volume sets are the advanced Eyelash Extension Application level service. 3-10 synthetic Eyelash Extensions are applied to each natural lash to volumise and lengthen your lashes for that dramatic look. Popular for experienced Eyelash Extension clients and clients who want a glamorous look for special events.

💁Hybrid glam full set ( half classic -

Hybrid Glam Set ( half Classic - half Volume)


  • A 50/50 mix of classic and Russian Volume

  • Perfect for those who like a staggered look

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