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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Learn About What We Offer

At LK Salon Nails & Beauty, we offer the highest quality Nail Salon services in Adelaide. Ask anyone in town — we offer the best experience and service you’ll find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing services we provide to all of our customers. Swing by our Nail Salon and treat yourself to one of our many VIP treatments!


from $35

  • Your feet are the hardest-working part of your body and deserve special treatment. Day after day of being shoved into heels or confine, it's no wonder they develop callouses and ache. Therefore, spa pedicure are a fantastic gift ideas for anyone looking for a perfect foot care. The service begin with an aromatic exfoliating scrub, followed by hydrating mask and hot towel wrap. Finally, you enjoy foot massage and finish with a polish of your choice. Now, let's indulge your tired tootsies with a Spa pedicure.

  • Our treatment will not only improve nail wellness but also include a foot massage that rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles

  • Our Spa Pedicure available with 3 service: 

    • Basic Spa Pedicure - 35$

    • Deluxe Spa Pedicure - 40$

    • Super Deluxe Pedicure - 50$


Gel Nails ( Shellac) on real nails

from $35

You’ve got a party tonight and are looking for a Nail Salon that guarantees exceptional services at jaw-dropping rates. Our highly qualified staff are fully equipped to provide you with professional services. There’s nowhere in Adelaide where you can get a better Shellac. Your Nails and Toes will appear clear, natural and shiny. Come by today or schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We’re here for you.



from 50$

  • SNS is the latest organic nails care product: natural and healthy to your real nails: No odor, no liquid, no primer, no UV light, much thinner than other products: light weight, easy to do and more importantly, helps our customers' nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding different kinds of vitamins and strength than gel.

  • SNS or Signature Nails Systems, is a type of nail product that combines aspects from both gel and powder into something unique that carries the best of both, like the light feeling of gel and the coating of powder. Moreover, the distinction of SNS nail is that it doesn't need to be cured under UV light, which can be harmful for you.

  • Our SNS availble with : 

    • SNS full set on real nails​ - 50$

    • SNS full set with tips  - 60$

    • SNS full set Ombre  -  80$



Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 3.36.26 am.png

from $30

Nails care has been elevated to a true spa escape. From the moment you arrive, you'll be pampered. Relax in a big, comfortable reclining chair. Your hands will be cleansed and your cuticles cured. You'll be given a soothing massage on your arms using the same techniques perfected by our massage professionals. When your manicure treatment is complete , you'll float out the door relaxed and with beautiful finished nails.

SNS Refill


from $50

SNS Nails or Signature Nail Systems is a type of Nails that combine the best of gels and acrylics into a package, durable and shine as new up to 3 weeks. The powder, which lends strength o the nails, could create the result of a durable yet flexible nails. Another advantage of SNS is that it looks completely natural and feel light in comparision with others such as acrylic. However, a touch up is necessary when you hit the three week mark, because your natural nails had already grown and lifting could already happened at this time, which isn't healthy for your nails. So let our professional team take a look at your nails and keep them as good as new.

SNS Ombre : from 70$

Acrylic & Shellac


from $55

Are you considering having a full set of nails but have yet to know what is best suited for you. We would like recommend the acrylic for many reason, most of them are advantages.

  • Firstly, acrylic is perfect for people, with weak and brittle nails. 

  • Second, they are cheap, widely available and easily applied or maintain, plus they last for much longer than other types. Therefore it's safe to say that a full set of acrylic nail i the most economical choice.

  • Our goal is to provide you with the best service, along with highest customer satisfaction. Other steps may involve during service time, so please don't hesitate to ask if you hav any question.




  • Acrylic refill is aa common need, because acrylic nails tend to get brittle after a while and gaps appeared, therefore routine maintenance is necessary should you wish to keep your nails in top condition. 

  • A simple procedure, acrylic refill is quick and easy to perform. In just a few steps, your nails will be maintenance and be good as new when we are finished. Also, depends on your nails current condition, deferent steps may be applied during service time, we aim to give our customer the best services.



from $120

  • Depend on your requirement, different type of design will be applied. Usually our technician will applied overlapped layers of polish to create desirable result.

  • In more complex design, a mix of air brush and other techniques will also be applied. 

  • The Nails art design process generally takes 4 steps:

    1. Remove any old polish and thoroughly sanitize your hand and fingers

    2. Apply thin layer of base coat.

    3. Perform a design for your nails.

    4. After the design finish, apply the final top coat to protect your nails.​​

  • ​Nails design with best quality stone only from 5$/ fingers ​


At LK Salon Nails and Beauty, we offer a range of Waxing Service such as:

  • EYEBROW : 20$

  • EYEBROW TINT : 20$


  • EYELASH TINT : 30$

  • UPPER LIP : 10$

  • CHIN : 10$


  • BACK : 40$

  • BELLY : 30$

  • UNDERARM : 20$

  • HALF ARM : from 20$

  • 3/4 ARM: from 25$

  • FULL ARM : from 35$

  • HALF LEG (upper / lower): from 30$/40$

  • 3/4 LEG: from 50$

  • FULL LEG: from 65$



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